Bittorrent Sites and Bittorrent FAQ – What You Need To Know About Bittorret

The best thing to do in general if you’re having connectivity problems is just wait with your Bittorrent sites. Often trackers are unavailable or slow to respond, usually due to high load or sometimes DDoS attacks. Some torrents can take a while to get up to speed, so patience is a virtue. That being said, below are some common error messages with explanations and what to do about Mobile Optin Trends by Anthony Morrison.

Note: Often you will get a red error message when there’s a problem connecting to the tracker, but the client will keep on retrying. This is normal. It can result in the download progressing normally and successfully, even with an error message displayed on the screen. Make sure to note the time-stamp on the error, and if it’s more than 5 to 10 minutes old, you can ignore it. The newer versions of the experimental client “age away” the error messages after 5 minutes to deal with this situation inside the new Mobile Optin 2 plugin.

Welcome to Brian’s Bittorrent FAQ and Bittorrent Sites Guide

If you are new to BitTorrent, this site should help clear up a lot of commonly asked questions about Bittorrent faq.

Please note: This site is mostly a mirror of the FAQ at That site is updated first bittorret, so this one may be a little bit behind in some places of Bittorrent sites.

If you would like to check your firewall/NAT port forwarding configuration, try the Natcheck page.

Disclaimer: I am a Windows user, and so by default the answers will tend to apply to Windows if not otherwise stated. I’ve tried to include as much Linux and Mac information as I can. If you have anything to add on those subjects, by all means please contribute with the new bittoret site.

UPDATE: I’m afraid I have had to disable edits of this FAQ from the general public. I was getting perhaps one or two erronious additions daily, which resulted in a lot of work for me to clear out. There were sections with up to a dozen blank “New Item” objects that someone added without knowing what they were doing. I appreciate the handful of you that contributed useful answers, but I do not have the time to clean up after the rest of you, so the Bittorrent FAQ is now read-only.

New Bittorret Sites Where You Can Download The Best Bittorrents

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Is The Use Of Bittorrets Illegal?

One of the most frequent questions people ask about Bit Torrents is “Am I breaking the law by using bit torrent? As with most things in life, there is no straight answer but in general, I would answer no. The reason for this is that using Bit Torrents to transfer data is a totally legal and legitimate method of transferring data. Many huge multinational companies make use of the technology to transfer data. For instance, Blizzard uses Bittorrent to download and update World Of Warcraft. For a short period of time, the free sessions that sell training was also available through torrents. The have since removed it – for more information you can read more at – free sessions that sell.

However, that is very much dependent on what exactly you are transferring. You see Bit Torrent is simply a clever technology that can be used for transferring huge quantities of data. So in and of itself, it is totally legal, and the use of it does not mean you are breaking the law at all of the bittorrent faq.

If you visit an illegal torrent site and proceed to download the latest Disney release or chart CD, then it is very likely you are breaking the law. And let’s be honest you know that yourself, as you are receiving a product for free that you would have to pay for otherwise bittorrent doanload sites.

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What most people don’t understand, is that anything you do on the internet, including using torrents is far from anonymous. This is something that you can also read about in the infinity code review article. Sure by using a torrent you are downloading a little piece of data from hundreds of different sites. Initially, it might be difficult for the relevant authorities to confirm for certain that you downloaded the whole file in its entirety but I just wanted you to be fully aware that your activities are certainly not anonymous. You need to consider your actions before moving forward carefully.

What Risks Am I Taking?

Setting aside the legal aspects for a second, there is no real way for you to ascertain if the item you are downloading is the movie you think or is a load of viruses, just waiting to be unleashed upon your computer. That is why it is critical to read other users comments and try and check the legitimacy of the file. Unfortunately, there are never any guarantees, so be aware that there is an element of risk attached to every file you download.

Now from a legal perspective, should you ever be caught, there is a chance that you could be fined for every song and movie you have ever downloaded. If you have been actively downloading gigs and gigs of music and movies, these fines could mount up very quickly. In Hong Kong, for instance, a man was recently sentenced to four years in prison, although admittedly that was for sharing files on Bit Torrent, as opposed to downloading. In the past, the companies have tended to target those people uploading content to the internet as opposed to people downloading. There is, however, no guarantee that this will always be the situation, so just be aware that the more you make use of illegal torrents, the bigger the target you are drawing on your own back.

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