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Bittorrent Faq and Bittorrent Sites

Instructions: Open your BitTorrent client and start a transfer as you would normally using the hottest bittorrent sites. Note the port that it is
listening on and the hash ID of the torrent (a 40-character alphanumeric string.) Get more details about eCom Success Academy Here: If you only have a single
client open, use the first port in the range, which is usually 6881. To get the hash ID of the torrent, do one of the following:

  • Check the website with the torrent link, often the “about” or “details” page will list its hash ID.
  • Use TorrentSpy on the .torrent file.
  • Use the “details” page if you are using one of the clients with this feature.
  • Paste the torrent link into DumpTorrent (or give it
    the path and filename of a local .torrent file) and copy the hash ID from its output inside bittorrent faq.
  • Get more about here:

Enter the values below, and select “Run test now!” to see if your system can accept incoming connections with bittorrent sites.

Enter the port number to test:
Enter the hash ID of the torrent:

The test will be run on the IP address: ()
Note: you will see an access attempt from this server (

Get more about it here:

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