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Bittorrent Faq and Bittorrent Sites

Instructions: Open your BitTorrent client and start a transfer as you would normally using the hottest bittorrent sites. Note the port that it is
listening on and the hash ID of the torrent (a 40-character alphanumeric string.) If you only have a single
client open, use the first port in the range, which is usually 6881. To get the hash ID of the torrent, do one of the following:

  • Check the website with the torrent link, often the “about” or “details” page will list its hash ID.
  • Use TorrentSpy on the .torrent file.
  • Use the “details” page if you are using one of the clients with this feature.
  • Paste the torrent link into DumpTorrent (or give it
    the path and filename of a local .torrent file) and copy the hash ID from its output inside bittorrent faq.

Enter the values below, and select “Run test now!” to see if your system can accept incoming connections with bittorrent sites.

Enter the port number to test:
Enter the hash ID of the torrent:

The test will be run on the IP address: ()
Note: you will see an access attempt from this server (

Get more about it here:

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